Premium Bunion Products in Singapore to Solve All Your Problems

When it comes to bunions, there are 3 levels of severity: minor, severe and major. Minor bunions are when the big toe has only just begun to turn inwards, while in major cases the big toe has completely crossed over the second toe. Depending on the severity of the bunion, certain products may be more suitable and effective than others.

Bunion Bootie

The Bunion Bootie is a soft splint that is designed for bunions that are milder in severity. It wraps comfortably around the middle of your foot and big toe, and helps to keep the big toe separate from the other toes and keep it in proper alignment. They can be worn during the daytime or at night, and are thin enough to be worn while wearing your shoes, giving you full flexibility to go about your day as usual while solving your bunion problems. They help to strengthen the muscles around the affected area, leading to long term improvement of your condition.

Gel Bunion Cushion

Living with bunions can be extremely unpleasant, as they cause pain and discomfort, especially when standing and walking. The Gel Bunion Cushion attaches comfortably to the bunion and is designed to provide maximum relief to the affected area. It is hygienic and can be worn multiple times, and is designed to be worn inside shoes as well. It is also imbued with vitamin E and aloe to provide a soothing feeling.

Bunion Night Splint

For more severe cases of bunions, a night splint is recommended. Worn overnight, it is designed to help hold the foot in the correct position and stop the bunion from becoming any worse. Over time, it will gradually begin correcting the position of the big toe.

Bunion Sleeve

The Bunion Sleeve is designed to prevent your bunion from rubbing against your shoes. It cushions the affected area and absorbs pressure in order to minimise pain and discomfort, all while keeping the skin smooth and moisturised with infused mineral oil.