Effective Bunion Treatments in Singapore for All Cases
There are 3 stages of severity for bunion sufferers: minor, severe and major. Minor cases of bunions are when the big toe is only slightly out of place, while more major cases are classified as those where the big toe is completely crossed over the second toe. For the optimal outcome, the experts at BunionCare have developed different bunion kits to suit each stage, to ensure that sufferers can receive the most effective bunion treatments and take the hassle out of having to shop around for the best products to suit their needs.
Bunion Kit for Stage 1
For cases of bunions that are more mild in nature, the Bunion Kit for Stage 1 provides the best solution. It is comprised of a Gel Bunion Cushion and a Bunion Bootie, used for providing relief from the pain and discomfort that comes with having bunions. They also help to correct the disfigurement in your toe joint, and ensure that your bunion does not become a long term problem.
Bunion Kit for Stage 2
More severe bunions require the Bunion Kit for Stage 2 has 3 items. On top of the Gel Bunion Cushion and the Bunion Bootie, there is also an additional Bunion Night Splint, which is designed to be worn overnight in order to provide long term correction to cases where the big toe has become significantly disfigured.
Bunion Kit for Stage 3
In the most extreme cases of bunions, the Bunion Kit for Stage 3 is necessary. The kit consists of the Bunion Night Splint and the Bunion Sleeve. The Bunion Night Splint provides a long term solution to severe disfigurement of the big toe, and the Bunion Sleeve allows you to continue to wear your shoes and lead an active lifestyle while reducing pain and discomfort in the affected area.