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Bunion Corrector

Separate the big toe from the other toes to help temporarily improve toe alignment

Recommended for: Stage 1, Stage 2



Bunion Corrector may help anyone with bunion pain that have not yet reached an extreme stage of deformity. Created with the help of the medical community, Bunion Corrector is the first of its kind in bunion treatment today.

Often times, without treatment, bunions can affect how one walks and cause an increase in stress and weight on the big toe. The Bunion Corrector soft splint can relieve this stress and reduce the bunion pain associated with the swelling and friction from footwear.

By guiding and bracing the big toe back in its natural position you can begin to strengthen the tiny muscles of the toe required to maintain the proper position on its own, thereby improving the condition of the bunion in the long term.

Sizing Information

  • Size XS: Size 32 – Size 35
  • Size S: Size 36 – Size 37
  • Size M: Size 38 – Size 40
  • Size L: Size 41 – Size 45

  1. Wear the bunion bootie day and night for all day comfort and support.
  2. Suggested wear time is 2-6 hours initially then gradually increasing wear over time
  3. Material will relax with use. Once the bootie becomes too loose, replace it with another piece.

  1. Pull the tips of the toes through the opening
  2. Pull back so that the heel fits through the larger opening
  3. Pull up the heel strap for a secure fit