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  • Bunion Cushion with Toe Spreader

Bunion Kit for Mild Bunions (Stage 1)

Bunion Kit for Effective Stage 1 Bunion Relief in Singapore

Provide relief from the discomfort associated with bunions

Consists of Bunion Bootie and Gel Bunion Cushion


The Bunion Care Kit consists of 2 essential items for daily care of your bunion. It helps to correct the early stage of your bunion and to prevent further worsening and aggravation.

Gel Bunion Cushion with Toe Spreader

The Gel Bunion Cushion with Toe Spreader provides relief from the discomfort associated with bunions. Being very thin and soft, you can wear your pointed dress shoes or court shoes without the interior rubbing against the bunion.

Sizing Information

Bunion Corrector

Bunion Corrector may help anyone with bunion pain that has not yet reached the extreme stage of deformity. Created by experts from the medical community, Bunion Bootie is the first of its kind in bunion treatment.

Sizing Information

  • Size XS: Size 32 – Size 35
  • Size S: Size 36 – Size 37
  • Size M: Size 38 – Size 40
  • Size L: Size 41 – Size 45

Gel Bunion Cushion

Wash after use to maintain hygiene. For optimum comfort, apply some powder after washing so that it feels soft on the skin the next time it is worn

Bunion Bootie

  1. Wear the bunion bootie day and night for all day comfort and support.
  2. Suggested wear time is 2-6 hours initially then gradually increasing wear over time
  3. Material will relax with use. Once the bootie becomes too loose, replace it with another piece

Gel Bunion Cushion

Position the flap directly over your big toe, and hook the ring over your big toe. Adjust the position of the bunion cushion such that it covers your bunion perfectly. 

Bunion Bootie

  1. Pull the tips of the toes through the opening
  2. Pull back so that the heel fits through the larger opening
  3. Pull up the heel strap for a secure fit