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Bunion Kit for Severe Bunions (Stage 3)

Help to control the development of bunion, restore balance of the feet and relieve pain when wearing shoes

Consists of Bunion Night Splint and Bunion Sleeve


The Bunion Care Kit consists of 2 essential items for daily care of your bunion. It helps to control the development of bunion, restore balance of the feet and relieve pain when wearing shoes.

Bunion Sleeve

The Silipos Gel Bunion Sleeve cushions and protects the bunion from rubbing against your footwear. It is easy to put on, and fits both left and right foot. Infused medical grade mineral oil soothes and moisturizes the skin.

Sizing Information

  • Size M: Size 35 – Size 40
  • Size L: Size 41 – Size 45

Bunion Night Splint

These easy to use bunion night splints holds the foot in the correct position during the night, soothing any pain and helping to prevent bunion from worsening.

Sizing Information

  • Size S: Size 34 – Size 36
  • Size M: Size 37 – Size 40
  • Size L: Size 41 – Size 48

Bunion Sleeve

Wash after use to maintain hygiene. Hang dry to maintain the elasticity of the fabric.

Bunion Night Splint

  1. Place the plastic clasp from inside over the big toe. The wide leather strap must be resting on the outside against the bunion.
  2. Place the Velcro strap around the foot and pull through the slot in the plastic clasp. The appropriate correction is achieved by pulling the Velcro strap in the opposite direction.

Bunion Sleeve

Wear the bunion sleeve like a sock, adjust the position of the silicon gel padding such that it covers the bunion directly. 

Bunion Night Splint

  1. Start wearing the bunion night splint for 30 minutes a day for 1 week
  2. Gradually increase the length of time of wearing it to 1 hour / 2 hour each following week
  3. Adjust the tightness and the duration of wear according to the level of tolerance you can take before the toe joint feels sore.
  4. Once the toe joints get adjusted being stretched, then it can be comfortable wearing overnight to bed.